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Manny Pacquiao vs Chris Algieri LIVE STREAMING


For those of you who want to watch the live streaming Pay Per view fight of Manny Pacquiao vs Chris Algieri.

A very beautiful and sexy woman pretends to be drunk, see how men will react


A girl performs a social experiment and pretends to be drunk while walking down in the street. See how many decent guys or will take advantage from this very hot drunk girl.

A guy can narrate and make sound effects for Street Fighter 2


This guy is awesome, he can imitate the sounds effects in Street Fighter 2 when played using Ryu and Sagat.

Ghost activities captured from CCTV camera


Do you believe in ghost? Since today is Halloween we are going to feature a spooky footage video captured from cctv cameras in Castefield House on Liverpool in Manchester also happened in Halloween of November 1, 2012.

Ebola victims in Africa rise from the dead and become zombie?


Theres a rising news in the social media that an Ebola virus victims who died may turn into Zombie.

Drunk girl kissing a tree


Hey guys looking for some hot chick, this will make your day and also will give you a warning to control your self or not to engage with too much alcohol if you get drunk while in public. Always stay with your friends.

Flying gadget that can capture photos and video from Team Nixie Intel


What? a flying robot gadget that can capture a picture of yours.

Girl in bikini doing awesome stunts while riding her motorcycle


This sexy russian biker in bikini will amaze you with her biking skills. Aside from wearing sexy outfit, she didn’t wearing a helmet!

Frogs watching their favorite TV show


Oh, did you know that frogs has their own favorite tv show? Watch this! haha.

Human vs Hamster in Hotdog Eating contest


World’s Guinness Record title holder Takeru Kobayashi known for eating fast and huge amount of hotdogs, meatballs, burgers ,pizza and pasta is challenge by a hamster.