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Kid cried after receiving his dream gadget on his birthday


This kid got pranked by his parents by gifting him a wooden chop board on his birthday. After this his parent released their real gift.

Dog wearing Giant Spider costume chasing and scaring people !!!


Another cool prank, where a dog is wearing a giant spider costume, scaring people to death.

2 year old girl accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!!!


This is the cutest Ice bucket challenge I have seen.

4 cobras guarding a sleeping baby


What’s this? A baby was sleeping with 4 poisonous cobras?

Cat with a human voice, arguing with his owner


What kind of sorcery is this? A cat who can speak like a human?

The Pig who loves surfing in the sea


Meet Kama a pig who loves to play sea surfing. Using a GoPro camera Kai Holt the owner of Kama the pig will demonstrate how good is Kama from balancing in the board.

Girl accidentally kills her gun instructor


It’s a tragic experience for a nine year old girl to accidentally kill his gun shooting instructor.

Policeman killed a dog who tried to save his arrested owner


Dogs are indeed man’s bestfriend they are faithful even risking their own lives for their masters.

Cute cats wearing a melon helmet


The cuteness overload from this cat video is overwhelming. Cat lovers please do watch this vid.

Man take a selfie with Tornado, look what happened next!


He is Terry Tufferson and he well known as adventurer who loves dare devil things.