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A Child playing with a pet Anaconda Snake


This is a video of a family who have a huge pet anaconda snake they called Chamra. I feel nervous about this kid. Parent should not let this snake play alone with their child. Snake is still a snake. It can kill or eat the kid anytime. Anyway t The […]

Cat who can sing Shine by Collective Soul! Yeah Meow


A short video that will demonstrate that even cats has a glimpse of music taste haha. Cat sings Shine from Collective Soul. Yeah Meow! The video looks created for dubsmash.

The Cute Little Candy Thief


This is the cutest thing we have watched today. Please checkout this little cute girl caught eating a candy. Check out her conversion with her mother. Mom: What did you eat? Daughter: A lollipop! Mom: And what else? Daughter: Some candy Mom: How much? Daughter: One, two, three, four, Mom: […]

Hotel California the Voice sampling version


Have you ever been sang a song and hum including the instrumental parts? So this is exactly what the music group of Rene BanosPascual did. They sang the song Hotel California in full voice sampling.. No drums,  no bass,  and no guitars. But hey check out how the backup vocals […]

Know the girl who act the voice of famous anime character Pickachu


Hey folks do you love pokemon? Well every anime lover loves pokemon,  specially the character Pikachu.  Know who is the person behind the cute voice of Pickachu. Well she is a Japanese. Her name is Miss Ootani Ikue or Ikue Ōtani. She is also an actress. Aside from Pokemon she […]

Scary Calbuco Volcanic eruption in Chile


Scary redish ashes rise up as high as 40,000feet in the air of Chille as Calbuco Volcano erupted again after 42years when it was first errupted in 1972. Government of Chile evacuated 4000 people as the ash continued to flow and theres no death reported. Many people panic and rushed […]

Robert Downey walked out from Channel 4 News Reporter Krishnan Interview


Robert Downey walked out from Krishnan Interview Channel 4 News Actor Robert Downey walked out after news reporter Krishnan ask him about his past history of using illegal substance. Credit goes to Channel 4 News Utube account

HBO Mayweather vs Pacquiao TV Commercial


The most awaited boxing fight of the century: Floyd Mayweather Jr. versus Manny Pacquiao. After several negotiation and settling of both camp demands. Yes, the dream fight is coming on May 2, 2015.

How to grow a Square Watermelon


One of best attractions of Japan in terms of food is their square shaped watermelon. The price is around $100 to $300 each. Zentsuji a town from Japan is selling hundreds of this square shaped watermelons across their country and overseas. Would you like to spent $100 for a square […]

What President Obama and Kim Jong Un in a Live Duet??


What Mr. President Obama plays guitar and sings with Kim Jong Un? haha. Amazing performance. I wish this is true. haha. Great impersonators.