Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dominos Pizza Employee Scandal

A scandalous video from two ex employees from a famous american pizza maker, Dominos is now at the top of video hosting sites. The said Domino scandal video contains misbehavior and disgusting acts of employee by making fun of the foods they cooked. The first employee was named Kristy Lynn Hammonds , she is the one who made the video recording, and the guy who made the lame acts during work was named Michael Anthony Setzer. Both of them were already fired and now facing criminal charges

The video is so funny. I know this one has a great impact on Domino's sale. Personally I will not eat on a food store if the food was processed like the ex Domino employees did.

Lesson on this, never never, upload a stupid video of yours from Youtube where people can watch you. If you want to upload, just make it a private video.


  1. Hammonds, Kristy Lynn

    Her Myspace - kristy0515

    Store Location - 509 10th St. NW, Conover, NC 28613

    Copy paste.

  2. We all should eat healther than the health harming junk at fast food get ups!!!

  3. I will still eat on Dominos Pizza, I love their pizza!

  4. I don't find any of this funny-.- IMO it is disgusting and inappropiate. Because of these two dumbasses the chain and independent owner will lose business not to mention the asshole on Youtube who called up the store and harrassed a poor employee who already probably had a shitty day at the start of her shift.