Friday, August 28, 2009

Why Utube is so popular

If you use the internet to watch videos online. IF you do, you should know UTUBE!. In fact you may be an active member of a UTube community. There a million of internet users. But did you ever wonder whats the exact reason why UTUBE is so popular?

One of the main reason Utube is so popular is because its absolutely free. FREE to use. Any internet user can visit the UTUBE website and start viewing videos or upload their own videos.

The servers of Utube is so fast, they can handle millions of simultaneous video watchers. So if you want to be entertained go to Utube and search for your desired video.

In United Kingdom, Utube is the 4th most favorite and visited site. First Google, Yahoo, Facebook then Utube.

If you dont know have a Utube account, I urged you to register. But if you want to subscribe, the subscription box is at the upper right side of this site.

Thanks for visiting Utube.

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