Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dahn Yoga Cult

Today Miss Amy Shipley will be featured on TV episode of Secret Lives of Women. The episode is about the Dahn Yoga cult, as mention by their former members. Amy is a former member of Dahn Yoga.

The Dahn Yoga teaches mind controll techniques, that keep their members in focus and alert. In year 2006, a news report says one of their members was died during their training.

Dahn Yoga has some teachings that considers them as a cult such as constant screaming to condition your mind that you are happy.. and more, I can't list them all.

Watch this Dahn Yoga Video.

Is there Dahn Yoga members reading here? Please stand up.

1 comment :

  1. Best Dahn Yoga video I've ever seen!

    I've been practicing Dahn Yoga since May 2008. The funniest thing is... now I find DY much more clear than any other spiritual teaching I'd tried before and along with DY. And I can understand texts about spirituality from other information sources (like Indian Yoga, Sufi teachings, etc.) way better, cause I've already experienced about half of the things they talk about.

    ... and btw, I personally have no desire to praise Ilchi Lee or see him as a God's incarnation or something like that. I'm just taking the benefits, and creating my own life. :)

    Thank you again for the great video post.