Sunday, October 4, 2009

Watch ASTRO BOY , the Movie Youtube

Astro Boy is one of the best and most favorite cartoon series during 90's. Once again Summit Entertainment brings back Astro boy now on the big screen, with the help of Imagi Animation Studios and directed by David Bowers.

Astro Boy is a story of a young robot with extraordinary powers, that can fly in unbelievable speed, with incredible strength, and x-ray vision. Created by Tenma.

Astro Boy learns joy and emotions of a human being along the way.

Cast of Astro Boy

Freddie Highmore will play the role of Astro boy and his inventor Dr. Tenma to be played by Nicolas Cage.

Watch the trailer of Astro Boy

Watch the awesome 3D animation of Astro Boy movie trailer

Download Astro Boy

Visit this site to download Astro Boy

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