Friday, February 26, 2010

Chuck Liddell workout video

Another hot video was spreading like a wildfire on Youtube. UFC Champion Chuck Liddell together with his hot girlfriend Heidi Northcott was caught in a video doing some exercises without having any clothes.
It was also featured on Kimmel Live.

Its a short video, and heres some screen captures  pictures of Heidi and Chuck Liddell doing workout.

Chuck and his girlfriend Heidi doing workout without a dress

(Chuck was doing some leg press, and his girlfriend Heidi doing some cardio exercise)

Chuck Liddell workout video

According to the news, the leaked video is a part of upcoming commercial of Chuck Liddell with Reebok. Looks like an early promotion.

We will feature the Chuck Liddell Reebok commercial once they appear on TV. Please subscribe!

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