Monday, April 5, 2010

iPAD Smashing Video, iPAD smashed by baseball bat Video

How many of you guys, want to have an Ipad from Apple? Its kinda expensive and a brand new one will cost you $500.
If someone give me a brand new Ipad I will take care of it.
But not with Justin Jockott , a 19 years old lad from Pennsylvania, did something extra ordinary! He video himself while smashing his brandnew 16GB Ipad with a baseballbat in exchange of popularity in Youtube!

He video himself outside the store from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania where he bought his brand new Ipad. The video of Justin became a viral on Youtube. If you want to watch it, just search Brand new iPad getting smashed by a baseball bat.

According to Justin, he wants to be the first to do it before anyone did it. He said he was not an Apple hater, infact he loves Apple products, obviously he wants to become famous.

Try to visit Youtube, and read the comment reactions of people about his iPad smashed by baseballbat

Ipad Smashing Video

Watch how Justin smashed his iPad with his baseball bat!


An IPAD was put to a blender, watch what happened!

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