Sunday, April 4, 2010

Susan Boyle performs with Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra

Better late than never, Utube Videos would like to greet a Belated Happy Birthday to Miss Susan Boyle!!!
It is one of Susan's dream to perform live with orchestra.

Susan turns 49 now, and it was a very special day for her because she performed infront of her 10,000 on her concert in Japan last day accompanied by Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra.

Many from her fans from Australia, Europe and US fly to Japan just to see her to perform.

Susan has a very special gift from Simon Cowell too, Boyle received the sum of £4million from Cowell as a payout from Cowell's Syco. This is the first installment of royalties from Susan best selling debut album, (I Dreamed a dream)

Susan's I Dreamed a Dream album becomes the fastest selling album in the History of British with more than 3.1 million copies sold just a month after of its released.

Again, Happy Birthday Susan Boyle! I know God will bless you more, coz God loves a humble one...

Gift Susan! Buy her Album now!

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