Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Yardley Love Murder Story :: Yeardley murder case

This is about a story of a lad named Yardley Love (Her fullname is Yardley Reynolds Love). This young woman was born on 17th of July year 1987.

She was one of the best lacrosse player in their school in the University of Virginia. But one day, she was found dead on her apartment. George Huguely her roommate is one of the main suspect of Yardley's murder.

According to the autopsy report of Yardley. She was suffered Physical abuse and trauma. Mr. George Huguely was also facing accusations of sexual assault with Yardley.

Yeardley Love Obituary Video

Only GOD knows and can figure out who killed Yardley. We will post the news update about murder of Yardley soon.

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