Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Britains Got Talent GRAND FINALS 2010 VIDEO!

Until the first to impress the judges and television viewers vote Streetomedy pioneers Glen and Ashley, also known as the twist and pulse.

The new body's normal fish twice act once again managed to combine the sublime dance moves with witty jokes. "Set the bar today," said Pierce, "has been fantastic." Amanda agreed, saying: "I love you, you're in the money every time."
Simon also liked the action, saying it was better the boys so far: "I'm really impressed with you," he said. Singing the song that catapulted him into the minds of the British public Liam McNally, melt the heart of the country once again with his rendition of Danny Boy.
Pearce hailed the performance: "You can not do more," he said. Amanda thought Liam sang the song "Beautiful", while Simon was full of praise for the 14 years.
"It's amazing that you're perfect in mind," he said. Paul Burling, then gave us ridiculous Proclaimers performance "put in 500 miles, with a chorus of 13 different voices!

With Chris Tarrant and Billy Connolly, to The Simpsons and Jeremy Clarkson, Paul sketch was fun for the whole family. "I loved it!" Pearce said: "You come with a routine inspired." "You're a big bag of comedy to vote! "Amanda squealed. The praise was rounded, Simon called the" act funny and inventive. "

Hoping to change his life as an accountant for the performer of the show was Christopher Stone, who sang Barbra Streisand number somewhere, as if his life depended on it. Pierce was surprised only by the performance and called Christopher to leave their positions in accounting and get on stage, the West End.

Amanda says the song "feel" and Simon called Harrogate boy "natural talent, great singer. It is time that Tina and Chandi in the face ... music and dance. Tina nerves are affected throughout the day, but it is a good friend made him proud, and did a perfect job.

Pierce called it "a beautiful act of seeing," thought Amanda was "a very entertaining," and Simon said that if they won, it would be "a celebration of life in the Chandi, in which Tina said:" This is life the old dog yet!

everyone's favorite teen boy group connection, and then decorated the stage to perform Belter Westlife now. After positive feedback and Amanda Pierce, Simon dampened their spirits a bit when I questioned the choice of songs. "He stopped in exclusive," he said. After winning the public vote last night, hoping Kieran Gaffney was high, and returned to his "flight" a drum kit in the surf out Wipeout anthem bash.

"The drums, burned tonight!" Amanda was radiant. Simon praised the child to a showman, "I really, really like," he winked. Then the man would not come back to forward, hands and feet of liquid Tobias Mead, hoping that his performance earlier in the semifinals very impressive.

Horror common themes walked storm with the judges, with Pierce saying he saw action in Las Vegas, Amanda Simon hails fit and satisfy that Tobias was converted to a higher level "I think it could have a" frustrated. The penultimate act restless night, Jane Cutler, whose laughter was calling through the corridors of the study all day!

He stopped smiling a bit when she seemed out of sync with live music, but regained the momentum by the end of the song. "You are a wonderful woman," said Pierce, who was a great performance and great recovery. " Both Amanda and Simon praised Janey the second half of their songs. "You are a Gutsy Lady," said Simon.

the final composition in style, thanks to the acrobatic prowess Spelbound, he jumped and fell on the scene - and even the heads of the judges! Amanda Pierce admitted he ran out of superlatives to throw at the gymnasts, with Amanda that would make a brilliant opening act for the 2012 Olympics. "It was one of the most incredible things I've seen!" Simon noticed.

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