Friday, December 17, 2010

KOBE misses THREE free throws VIDEO

What Kobe misses three free throws? Yes he missed it, the ball doesn't lie.

Kobe Bryant Picture, he missed three free throws
According to Kobe, this is a first for him. He never missed a three consecutive free throw shot after getting fouled.This is a game between LOS ANGELES LAKES versus Raptors-Highlight.

Watch the video ,Kobe misses 3 free throws

There must be a reason why Kobe missed that three consecutive free throw shots.

Select from the four scenarios.
  • Kobe was so tired that he miscalculated the ring and missed that 3 free throws.
  • Kobe was paid by Raptors just to missed that free throw shots
  • Kobe was distracted from the boo of the crowd.
  • Kobe was not focus from the shooting. He was looking for another rape victim
LOL! choose the best answer.

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