Thursday, August 23, 2012

Two kids crying on the ads of ODD Life of Timothy Green

If I can only comment from the comment section of this video in Youtube, then I will do it. I will post a slap message comment for its uploader.
Parents of these kids are horrible, how come they can laugh and watched their emotionally sick kids while crying for a nonsense story from a movie.

As a parents its our duty to watch over our kids what ever they do. The parents from this video did a very bad job as they make fun, laugh, record a video of their kids as they cried, and lastly, the worst part was they uploaded the video to Youtube! Why? to get some hits and clicks to their Youtube partner program ads.

The video is now on its 1.5million hits, with 5493likes and 3643 dislikes. (count me in)

Anyway, what can you say about this video?

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