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Ransom Rigg’s Hollow City Free Audiobook and EBOOK!!!

This is the 2nd Novel of Ransom Riggs ,the sequel of Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children book. I wish someday this story will turn to a nice movie. :)

It took 2years and half had passed after the first release of Miss Peregrine Peculiar Children after Ransom release Hollow City. But kudos to this book. The continuation of the action continues, Jacob, one of the book’s main character had loss his home but he tried to save Miss. Peregrine while she was in a bird body.

Another noticeable from this book is the series of photos that makes the story fantastic. I wish you download the full audiobook inside the link from the Youtube video.

I don’t want to expose too much spoilers, better get the Hollow City AUDIO Book for FREE. Its an awesome book! Our score, 5 / 5 stars for Mr. Riggs, keep up the good work sir!

Hollow City Download Audiobook and PDF

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