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Human vs Hamster in Hotdog Eating contest


World’s Guinness Record title holder Takeru Kobayashi known for eating fast and huge amount of hotdogs, meatballs, burgers ,pizza and pasta is challenge by a hamster.

Kid cried after receiving his dream gadget on his birthday


This kid got pranked by his parents by gifting him a wooden chop board on his birthday. After this his parent released their real gift.

Dog wearing Giant Spider costume chasing and scaring people !!!


Another cool prank, where a dog is wearing a giant spider costume, scaring people to death.

2 year old girl accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!!!


This is the cutest Ice bucket challenge I have seen.

4 cobras guarding a sleeping baby


What’s this? A baby was sleeping with 4 poisonous cobras?

Cat with a human voice, arguing with his owner


What kind of sorcery is this? A cat who can speak like a human?

The Pig who loves surfing in the sea


Meet Kama a pig who loves to play sea surfing. Using a GoPro camera Kai Holt the owner of Kama the pig will demonstrate how good is Kama from balancing in the board.

Girl accidentally kills her gun instructor


It’s a tragic experience for a nine year old girl to accidentally kill his gun shooting instructor.

Policeman killed a dog who tried to save his arrested owner


Dogs are indeed man’s bestfriend they are faithful even risking their own lives for their masters.

Cute cats wearing a melon helmet


The cuteness overload from this cat video is overwhelming. Cat lovers please do watch this vid.