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Hello, Folks! This video proves only one thing… “A man can do anything with the right tools!” And, yes, a Dad was able to give his daughter a Perfect Ponytail using their regular home Vacuum Cleaner. This is no joke, watch the video!

I thought that this was just another crazy video, but, it surprised me ‘coz it did work! Who would have thought that a vacuum cleaner can be used to achieve a perfect ponytail? Don’t get me wrong, am not suggesting this to anyone, especially, if you have a Dyson Vacuum. So, if you don’t wanna get bald, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!


Well, this video is kinda cool, it only took a couple seconds for this father to give his daughter a perfect ponytail. Honestly, I always just use a broom to clean up the house. I only use a vacuum cleaner when I need to vacuum the carpet of my favorite Chevy Car. Or, clean up the mess of my Amazing Dog. But, for hairdresser’s out there, do not ever try this Ponytail Technique, especially, if you love your job, LMAO! I don’t really know where this video was taken. This dad deserves a pat on the back, for thinking out of the box! Thanks to “thecurrentvideo” for uploading this video on Youtube! I guess, that’s all for today! If you like this short post, don’t forget to LIKE US on Facebook, and FOLLOW US on Twitter! Thanks a bunch!

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