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Belgium TNT – A Red Button Unfolds Real Live Dramatic Scene Video

I am not really supposed to write anything today, since, I’m rushing a lot of paper works! But, I can’t help myself not to share this very interesting and out of this world Belgium TNT Video!

Yes, you read that right, it’s really out of this world! This video is really a crazy one, watch this Belgium TNT Video, they actually made this promotional video as they launch their new Channel!

Lots of people tried to take a look on the button and around the area. The button has a sign within the text “PUSH TO ADD DRAMA“… When finally, a biker decided to press that small red button! Yep, everything went crazy, an ambulance got a guy on a stretcher; and was left behind, and so on and so forth! It was just really crazy and full of action! It’s just like watching an action movie; like Bourne Legacy! Thanks to “turnerbenelux” for uploading this video on youtube! If you guys like this post, don’t forget to sign up for free email subscription, LIKE us on Facebook and FOLLOW us on Twitter! Spread the Love!

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