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Real Zombie Video Footage in Miami, Florida

Since zombies is the hottest topic now in the internet and also the current talk of the town now, I would like to show you the following videos where their respective uploaders claimed this to be a real zombie footage.

The first one is from Miami, the cannibal man who eats the face of his victim. Both of them are naked, the one is dead, and the other one eats the face of the dead one.
This video is captured from a building while the zombie eats the face of its victim.

The second one looks like fake, but better check it out.

This video is said to be captured by a Russian Solider while he was on duty, its scary. Watch and see how the victim from this video panic and tried to escape from a horde of zombies.

Its up to you to judge how real are these videos, for the meantime, check out this stupid zombie prank attack video from Florida. It is so funny, see how they react after they saw they were being chased by a zombie.

Update: Yovanka Bryant ,the girl friend of Rudy Eugene the man who eats the face of a dead man, speaks up.

This video is taken from the official CNN Youtube videos.

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