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Earthquake from Guatemala kills 39 people from landslide ~ November 2012

While reading the news from Yahoo News, I read that Guatemala was strucked by a deadly 7.4 magnitude earthquake just few hours ago.

The beautiful mountain side near the border regions of Mexico and Guatemala collapse and produced landslides that damage more than 40houses and kills 39 people.
There were five aftershocks already felt after the big quake. More than two thousand Guatemala soldiers where sent for rescue operation.

According to the history of Guatemala this earthquake is the next strong quate that hit them since 1970’s

I feel sorry for the victims of this earthquake. You can post your donation to Red Cross or give your prayers to the victims of this earthquake.

Checkout the earthquake video cover by Reuters

We will update this post for more news update!

Image: tvnz.co.nz
News information: Yahoo News / AP
Video: RT Youtube Account

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