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How to know who viewed your Facebook profile, get the list of anyone who viewed your FB account!

Facebook has a pack of hardcore employee programmers. And including its owner Mark Zuckerberg is a genius programmer. I know they are all good programmers, but nobody is perfect right? Facebook has still few “unresolved bugs” that other programmers can exploit. One of these bugs is to know the list of people who view your Facebook profile. As of writing this, Facebook has no option to list down who from your friends viewed your profile. Want to know if your ex still viewing your profile? How about who stalk your FB account? Is your crush viewed your profile? Okay too much introduction, lets start!

Procedure, how to know who view your Facebook profile


  1. Internet Connection
  2. PC / Mac, you need a computer, I think this is not possible using a tablet or a mobile phone,as the html code provided by Facebook is different from its mobile version
  3. Browser like: Firefox, Opera, Chrome, or IE
  4. NOTE: There is NO special software to download required. As many from these softwares has a virus, or worms that can spy you or will know your Facebook password that in the end will takeover your account. Beware!

The video below is posted is posted by William Normal from Youtube. The video will explain you the step by step procedure.

Just incase Youtube video viewing is not available in your browser. Heres the written tutorial.

Step by Step

  1. Head your browsers to http://www.facebook.com
  2. Next, if you are using Firefox or Chrome press the buttons CONTROL+U to fire up the HTML’s source code. If you are using other browsers like Opera, IE, and Safari. Look for the equivalent command to preview the site’s HTML source code. Usually the VIEW SOURCE command is available from any browser when you right clicked at the middle of a site.facebook-source-code
  3. Once you’re in the site’s view source code view. Press Control+F, to make the phrase finder tool to appear.  Next search for the InitialChatFriendsList and click NEXT.
    (click to see the large view of image)You should see the list of random numbers in the list like from the image screenshot above. The number will look like this: 100001094098698-2   , if you see a number with a “-2” or “-1” or “-0” on its end , remove it. So the number will become: 100001094098698 . If the number has NO “-2″ or “-1” or “-0” on its end, then copy the number as is. Take note and COPY the number. And paste it just after the URL http://www.facebook.com/{Your Friend’s Facebook ID}

    like this:

    (Press enter to browse whos the pokemon who view your profile), then gocha!

Additional notes:

• This is experimental, but proven by many. This might fixed by Facebook soon or later.

• I have no idea, if this one will work if your recent viewer had made their FB profile private.

Thats all for today. Hope you understand the tutorial, and you enjoy watching the video! Dont forget, please share this page to twitter or Facebook 😉 Post a comment if the trick works for you.

Have a nice day!

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