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Amber Cole Video ~ Who is Amber Cole?

Video of Amber Cole, another new victim of cyber bullying

Fourteen years old teen girl Amber Cole is a new victim of cyber bullying. Two teens exposed a private video of Amber Cole with her ex-boyfriend from Twitter, and Facebook. It’s a video of Amber Cole while making love with her ex-boyfriend in their school, actually Amber did this to win back her ex-boyfriend.

The two teens who posted Amber Cole’s video was arrested but the video they spread had already went viral. It can’t restore the dignity and loss respect this young teen. One of Amber’s friend posted a video where she beg people to leave and stop harrasing Amber Cole. This video went also viral.

Check out the video of Leave Amber Cole

According to Globalgrind.com, Amber changed her school.

Amber Cole Parody

Mockers are always there, check out these stupid guys who created a stupid video against Amber Cole. check it out.

Heres another one.

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