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Squeezing huge pimples videos, Pop that Zit videos

These are a compilation of videos uploaded in Utube where people from this video uploaded how they squeezed their pimples. Pop that zit is the term they called to refer squeezing and removing that creamy substance inside their pimple.

Oh, this is bad. Warning: Please do not try this at home. Picking acnes may result to scar. The triangle area starting from our nose and forhead is very dangerous area to pick acnes. An infection may result into infection and bacteria may go directly to your brain.

Okay enough with the warnings. These are the people who love to squeeze their huge pimple as theres a white and creamy substance deep inside that pimple.

You may find this video disturbing if you are easily to offend with loathsome things. This video is creepy. Now check out the video and have fun :)

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