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Funny and Scary Coffin in the Elevator Prank

Remember the naughty guys behind the scary ghost girl prank in the elevator hehe? Here they came again with much more scary elevator prank. This is the same elevator they used in the ghost girl prank, but this time, they put a coffin inside the elevator with their prank victim. The prank flow goes like this.
The prank guys with coffin will wait for a random elevator passenger, once a passenger enters the elevator. They will hurry to go with the passenger with their casket. Once they put the coffin inside, they will go out and ask the prank victim elevator passenger to hold on the elevator as they bring the flowers. The elevator will close and it will not respond with the open button, the fake dead man inside the coffin will wait his turn to scare the elevator passenger.

Watch out how their elevator prank victims screamed like no tomorrow. Lols. Actually this idea was first created by Just for Laughs, check out that video too. Click here.

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