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Girl ghost in Elevator prank goes viral

Prank lovers you should watch this one. This video is started to appear in social media few weeks ago, but now this video is on its 3Millionth hits in Youtube! I think this is one of Youtube’s worst prank ever.

Well its a video ghost prank of a girl who dressed in all white carrying a doll. The girl was well makeup to make their pranking undoubted.

Then this girl will hide from a secret door passage inside the wall in the elevator waiting for an elevator passenger to scare off.

Once an unlucky passenger enters the elevator. The fake digital elevator floor counter indicator will start to roll, even the elevator is not really moving up.

Electric lights from the elevator will start to blink and later on will be turned off to give way for the girl to enter the elevator using the secret door.

Now watch the hilarious reactions of the elevator passengers as the ghost girl from this video scare their a$$.

Now check out this video:

My 2cents, this is a very bad prank that you should not attempt to do. The girl from this video is actually in trouble, she could be hurt by her prank victims or may killed if they are wearing guns. The victims are also in trouble, may be some of them has a heart problem that may lead them to heart attack from the ghost trauma.

Anyways please share this page. ty

2 Responses to Girl ghost in Elevator prank goes viral

  1. gl3nnx says:

    poor elevator passengers.

  2. Sragh says:

    This is the most horrible and most stupid prank created .. a prank is a prank but this crosses the borders of pranks. Yes, that girl could have been very badly hurt or even killed. There are some whose immediate reaction to this ‘ghost’ is to lash out as a reflex action and keep pounding it … whose fault will that be? Then there are others who probably have heart failures and yet others who will be traumatized by it and may need therapy.

    Prank: A trick intended to be amusing but not to cause harm or damage.

    And this is certainly not a prank!

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