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Zombie Pranking in Miami and Behind the Scenes

Vitaly Zdorovetskiy the man behind the Youtube account of VitalyzdTV loves to do pranks and funny scenes. Recently while the news about the zombie in Miami who eat a face of a man is on its peak. Vitaly created a zombie prank to see what’s the reaction of the people from Miami about the zombie.

The final video output is so funny, many people were scared to death. Others wants to beat him. This is a dangerous prank ever made by Vitaly.

Together with his partner, Vitaly goes to a park to scare people. His partner was riding on a car and video recording what he do.

I really love the part where he scare the guys from the basketball court. This is the funniest and the dangerous part of this video because he can be hurt or shot with a gun from this prank.

This is the next video uploaded by Vitaly where he explained how they create this prank ,and how they inform the people they scare that its just prank. You should watch this video too. This video made my day, hope yours too.

Please do not try this at home, you might kill a people from a heart attack or you might be killed too 😉

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