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Protester arrested for talking with cop

Is this a police brutality or what?

When I watch this video I see too sides, I mean you have to look at the situation first. Its total mayhem, it’s in the middle of Wall Street which is a famous and busy landmark in New York City, and then you have people blocking it, screaming, singing and yelling, who wouldn’t get irritated. Especially if you’re a business man and you have to get to work, eventually you’re going to complain, and to who, the Cops.

Actually the people who are around it are protestors who are rioting for a cause to lower joblessness, political corruption, capital punishment and so on. Although there trying to make peace don’t antagonize the cops to get your word out, you’re just adding fuel to the flame. But then again, the cops didn’t have to be so rough, I felt sorry for the guy he’s so skinny he just flew on the floor when the cop pulled him.

But it also seemed like they wanted to capture that, to get a bigger audience to make a point for their protest, it looked like the guy couldn’t care less that he was getting arrested.

Protester arrested for talking with a cop

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