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West Covina Police Harrasment Video Parody

This is the alleged harassing video of West Covina Policeman, actually its just a spoof :)

The West Covina authorities were alarmed and currently performing an investigation from a viral video that shows West Covina officers in their uniform bullying a civilian at gun point.

The controvercial part is the appearance of West Covina police uniforms and the presence of police patrol cars in the video footage. Personally I think this is an inside job! No one can produce a parody video like this without a parcitipation of workers inside the police departments.

The officers from West Covina denied the allegation and pointing the issue with the community service officers.

An inside investigation was also launched to know how the patrol cars made available from the footage.

The scenario is about a man driving from his car, then suddenly a couple of police cars was following him and asking him to stop. The man stopped his car and raise his hands.

The police officers from the video was on their gunpoint asking the man “wheres the little girl”. The man is confused and scared and cried at the end. Then one from the police man says “Thats the little girl”. Then they left the man and drove their patrol cars while firing their guns.

If you want to watch the alleged video please click the video player.

Please post your comments! Is there a law that can file against the creators of this video? Any lawyers here? :)

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