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Sarah Burke Crash Accident Video

This is the last skiing video footage of Sarah Burke that lead into accident.

Sarah Burke ,the 29 years old Canadian freestyle skier princess was died this morning due to severe brain damage she got from an accident happened from her 8 days ago during her training in Utah. She was a four-time Winter X skier champion.

Sarah was rushed from a hospital in Salt Lake City and sustained ruptured vertebral artery that later on fell into cardiac arrest. She was underwent surgery and place on a life support.

She was surrounded by her family before she gave up her last breath. All internal organs, and body parts of Sarah was donated as she requested.

CEO of Canada’s freestyle skier team says:

“Sarah, in many ways, defines the sport. She’s been involved since the very, very early days as one of the first people to bring skis into the pipe. She’s also been very dedicated in trying to define her sport but not define herself by winning. For her, it’s been about making herself the best she can be rather than comparing herself to other people.”

Check out the accident video of Sarah Burke


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